News: Eye of Horus Unveil New Album Art and Title, Announce CD Release Party

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Edmonton’s death metal legion Eye of Horus have been working on a new EP, and they are ready to unleash it upon the world. Entitled Obsidian, the EP features for new songs and will be ensconced in beautiful artwork by Frederico Musetti, who did their last album’s artwork as well as art for Unbirth, the Everzone game, and more.

According to Facebook, the tracklisting for Obsidian is as follows:

1) The Nithing
2) Unsolemn
3) A Tome Writ In Blood
4) Death Flourished In A Withered Grove

The EP will be officially released on December 3, 2016 with a CD release party at Mercury Room, Edmonton. Presented by Crown of Viserys, the show will bring Edmonton’s Storm Horizon and Skepsis together with Calgary’s Exit Strategy, and of course Eye of Horus, to bring the walls of the Mercury Room down.


Crown of Viserys on Patreon


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