Video: Live Show Review 001 – Falsifier/Protosequence/Filth/Negation

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Falsifier/Protosequence/Filth/Negation - Feb 28, 2017

On top of the video above, there are a couple things I’d like to say that didn’t really come to mind when filming, primarily about the band Filth. Despite enjoying their music, and most of their stage show, I have come to really hate it when bands turn their backs to the crowd. It’s one thing when they start the show or even a song turned, bring the lights up, and start the riffs, but to be fully in the show, during mid-song, it bugs the hell out of me. And that’s the only thing I can think of that I didn’t like about Filth. I can’t wait to see them come through Edmonton again, and hopefully be able to chat and drink mead with their singer Dustin again.

Filth's Dustin Mitchell
Filth’s Dustin Mitchell
Protosequence's Joseph McKee
Protosequence’s Joseph McKee
Negation's Ayden Haggarty
Negation’s Ayden Haggarty
Falsifier's Aiden Versteegh
Falsifier’s Aiden Versteegh

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