About CoV

Back in February of 2009, Dustin Ekman created Funeral Rain Zine on MySpace. Funeral Rain Zine was soon joined by Chase Smith, who at the time was writing E-MetalSpace on MySpace. A year or so later FRZ became known as Funeral Rain Press Corps, which was a stupid name, and was scrapped and remade in November of 2012 as Crown of Viserys.

For some, the name is obvious, but for others perhaps not. The name comes from George R. R. Martin’s classic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, specifically the first book in the series, A Game of Thrones. You may have heard of it. In the book, a character named Viserys is killed rather savagely by a pot full of molten gold, which was his promised crown in exchange for his sister’s hand in marriage to Khal Drogo.

Bands and labels looking to get your material reviewed on this site or on YouTube, we are super easy to get in touch with. Both Chase and I prefer physical media to hold while listening, but that is not always necessary. I will say that physical copies will always guarantee a review (even if it takes forever to do the review). Send your promos to the following email addresses and snail mail addresses:


Dustin Ekman
305 11637 124st NW
T5M 0K8
Edmonton, AB


Chase Smith
17900 SE Scruton LN
Milwaukie, OR


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