News: With Malice Announce Band Split, Final Show October 8

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With Malice - Promo 2015 by Dustin Ekman
With Malice – Alex, Ryan, Jessy, Jonathan – Promo 2015 by Dustin Ekman

It has been announced by the Edmonton thrashy death metal collective With Malice that they are parting ways. A statement on the band’s Facebook page, written by bassist Jonathan Schieman is as follows:

So after a great 5 year run, With Malice are calling it quits.
There is no ill-will between band members, just time to move on to new opportunities. That being said, Oct 8 will now be our final farewell show. Please come out and tear down the Rendezvous Pub with us one more time. All merch will be sold off for only $5.
And of course the band wants to thank everyone who has supported us, all the bands we’ve had an amazing time playing with and of course we must thank every fan and person that has come out and banged their head to some fuckin death/thrash! We thank you all and hope to see you one last time on Oct 8!

Jonathan personally had this to say on Facebook:

All good things…
So, after a good 5 year run With Malice are calling it quits. October 8 will be our final show.
I want to thank all our friends and family who put up with us. I want to thank all the bands we’ve had the privilege to share the stage with. I would like to thank the venues and promoters for giving us opportunities. And of course, I want to thank every person that bought a ticket or t-shirt or CD or picked up a sticker or just checked us out. If you want, I still have some tickets left for our final Oct 8 show.
While this is the end of With Malice it is not the end of me playing metal in Edmonton. I will be pursuing new opportunities so while the end of With Malice has come the music scene hasn’t gotten rid of me just yet.
Thank you again!

Vocalist Jessy Leduc had this to say:

It is with regret that we announce that With Malice last show will be on the 8th of October. After a 5 years run, we believe it is time to move on. It is unclear yet what are the future [endeavours] of each band members at this point but rest assured that we will keep being part of the Edmonton metal scene & make music. Thanks for the great years of support & thanks to all the band that we had the opportunity to share the stage with.

The October 8th show was originally going to be held as a fifth anniversary for With Malice, but it has instead become their fifth anniversary and farewell. It is both presented both with pride and sadness by Crown of Viserys. Digital tickets are available at the CoV BigCartel here, while physical tickets are available at Blackbyrd on Whyte, as well as the show’s venue, Rendezvous Pub.

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News: Crown of Viserys Premiers Blasphemer’s “You Are Nothing” Music Video

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I’m extremely proud to say that Crown of Viserys is premiering the new music video from Italy’s Blasphemer. The song comes from the album Ritual Theophagy, out October 14 from Comatose Music.

The whole album is in this vein. This is such dirty, gross, disgusting death metal. It’s like running with a gun in your hand with no safety on and your finger is on the trigger. And the gun is pointed at your face. There are honestly times where I begin to tire with new releases in death metal, but Blasphemer are making me realize what it is I love about the genre. And this isn’t the first time an Italian band has rejuvenated my love of death metal.

So sit back with a beer, and enjoy Blasphemer‘s new video.

Live Review: Necronomicon with Vesperia, Abiotic, and Tales of the Tomb

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When: August 17, 2016
Where: Brixx

Oh man. It’s taken me awhile to get to type this up, but I really had to get these thoughts onto screen. This was a big night for me, a show that was more of a collection of bands that I really like in one room.

First up on the stage was a band that needs no introduction in Edmonton. One of the fastest rising bands this city has is Tales of the Tomb, a death metal band obsessed with serial killers. The Snowtown murders, Pickton and his farm, and 9/11 are just some of the topics that they tackle. This set was one of the best I’ve seen from them, and I’ve seen them a lot! Just this year alone I think I’ve seen them seven times or so. Not a band to miss in a live setting, and that’s agreed upon even by Rob from Necronomicon, who thanked Tales and said they were one of the best opening bands he’s had for the tour.

Second up was Miami, Florida’s Abiotic, who broke up shortly after this tour. This was my second time seeing them live, the first being with a different singer as they toured with Dying Fetus. This set was better than the last time, but there was some problems at the beginning of the set that caught my ear and almost made me dismiss them. The sound was just… quiet. There was nothing there. During the second song, however, the sound tech found where he wanted the band and everything went from somewhat flat to a wonderfully dynamic and fucking loud volume. Seriously excellent shredders on all instruments, but Travis Bartosek on vocals stole the show for me. If you’re one of those people who film with your cell phones though, I warn you: he’ll take it out of your hand and do some filming for you, giving you a phone video you won’t soon delete. It’s unfortunate that they split because I honestly could tell there was an amazing future ahead for this band if they did one more album. It’s the curse of being underrated and not quite getting the big push they should have gotten.

Third up was Vesperia, from Ontario. They all have a small-town attitude but hail from the big city of Toronto, so it’s always a treat to see these guys on a stage. Imagine Amon Amarth but from Canada, and you’re kind of in the right territory. Not so much a Viking metal sound, but a death metal with symphonic elements and a huge feel. They are truly an epic band to behold. The vocalist, Morgan Rider, has such an expressive voice with a large range. Sometimes they even get clean in the vocals, and this is where Vesperia shine for me. As I said, Morgan has a large range, and his cleans are the stuff legends are made of. It would never surprise me if they got picked up by Napalm or Nuclear Blast. In fact, it would surprise me if they didn’t. For those that might be thinking the name is familiar, it is probably because they won the Wacken Metal Battles in Canada, and played at Wacken as a result, winning the world-wide Battles.

Finally, the band that everyone came to see, the legendary Necronomicon took the stage. This is a band that has perplexed the death metal world since their Morbid Ritual demo in 1992. They sounded like Behemoth do now, back when Behemoth were still worshiping Norwegian black metal. Symphonic death metal, with black metal influences and overtones, this power trio is a true force to reckon with on a stage and on record. And since 1988, when Rob the Witch founded the band, they have been completely underrated because no one knew what the fuck they were watching and listening to. Yes, this is death metal. Yes, there’s pretty sounding and ominous keyboards in it. Yes, there’s songs with 100% black metal lyrics in them. No, this doesn’t really make sense, but fuck making sense, man! Sit back and enjoy just how huge these three dudes sound and look on a stage. Rob stole the stage from Brixx, he took it, he made it his and he owned it. Simply put, this band is one of Canada’s best, and we seem to take them for granted on our soil. The fans in the USA and Europe seem to understand them a little bit more, perhaps, because that is where their biggest successes are. But ultimately, they are just three dudes from Quebec making the noise they want to make. And goddamn they are good at it. If you missed out on this tour, you missed out big.

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News: Idolatry Part Ways with Lord Matzigketus

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It’s a sad day for me. As I type this, I have just found out that Idolatry have parted ways with their vocalist Lord Matzigkeitus. They have released a short statement regarding the departure of LM:

Due to an unresolvable situation, Idolatry has decided to part ways with vocalist Lord Matzigkeitus. We have no interest in giving any details about it outside of those directly involved as we detest drama, rumours and other childish “scene” bullshit of the sort. That being said, the split release with Kult ov Azazel will be going ahead as planned, but will be the last release to feature LM on vocals. Our tour with Panzerfaust and Erimha will also be going ahead as planned with a session vocalist who will be announced shortly. Once the tour is completed, we will begin our search for a new vocalist. Idolatry has endured through significant trials before and will continue to do so again!

Strength of mind, strength of body, the will to survive! HAILS!!!

Idolatry, like it states above, have a split with Kult of Azazel due soon, and a tour with Panzerfaust and Erimha, which will see a stop at the Crown of Viserys presented Black Mourning Light Metal Festival. As a fan of the band, I don’t know what to say or think about this. It will be interesting, to say the least, to hear and see a different frontman for Idolatry. As a friend of the members of the band, I also don’t know what to say or think. I hope things can become amiable with the band and Lord Matzigkeitus in the future, as it sounds from the statement above that indeed things are not amiable right now.

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News: Bestir Release Lyric Video for “The Bewildered Herd”

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One of Edmonton’s newest grind bands is Bestir, and very quickly they are making their name known. Consisting of members of Death Toll Rising, The Dead Cold, and others, Bestir are a “doom infused grind”, and after checking out some of their material, I’d say that’s a rather accurate representation. Check out their track “The Bewildered Herd” below and tell me what you think in the comments, and see them live in Edmonton on August 19th at Mercury Room and in Calgary on August 20th at Overtime, both shows supporting Idolatry.

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Music Review: Abjection Ritual – Futility Rites

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Genre: Dark Ambient, Nightmare Fuel
Label: Malignant Records

Do you want to have an awful night? If so, listen to Abjection Ritual’sFutility Rites‘ while you’re alone. My night went from me being bored beyond belief to the point of going, “Man, it’s been so long since I wrote a review, I should dust off the ol’ ‘In’ pile and see who I owe muchas disculpas to,” to jumping at every sound in the apartment that, before listening to ‘Futility Rites‘, I could identify as the refrigerator, the cat, the other cat and the stupid pipe that rattles under the floor whenever someone in our apartment row flushes their toilet…

After having my optimism obliterated, my self-esteem shish-kababed and my dreams dashed on the sonic rocks laid out by Abjection Ritual (three tracks in, which has got to be some kind of spirit breaking speed record), the malnourished nihilist side of me began to dig for scraps. It was hungry. It wanted more ‘Futility Rites‘. It had to dig past a unpleasant layer or two before it could feast, however.

It’s mostly just the vocals. They were great at shaking me up a bit when I first encountered them (my notes read “Raw. Fucking. Hatred.”), but they began to wear on me as the album progressed. I enjoyed the occasional soundbite from the odd televangelist (and the heart attack from “Objects of Wrath”) as well as the tonal respite that came with “Cum Immersion”, probably the least threatening, though still unnerving track offered.

If I haven’t made this clear yet, allow me to be blunt; this album is the very definition of intensity. To listen is to jump head first into the deep end of the derelict, dark ambient/death ambient pool. But in the end, if you have the emotional and mental fortitude, the “Entropic Embrace” of “Futility Rites” will welcome you into the “Tabernacle of Teeth and Tongues”…

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News: Black Mourning Light Announces 2016 Lineup

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Black Mourning Light Metal Festival 2016 - Full Lineup

It is with great pleasure that I am officially announcing the 2016 lineup for Black Mourning Light. Concertgoers at the Crown of Viserys-presented Eye of Horus show on July 22 were given a drunken taste of what was to come, but now finally I can let all the cats out of the bag.

Friday night will be headlined by Ontario’s Panzerfaust, alongside Quebec’s Erimha, and Edmonton’s Idolatry. Display of Decay, the night’s only death metal band, Vile Insignia, and Hive will set the tone. Idolatry and Vile Insignia are the only returning bands from Black Mourning Light 2015.

Saturday will see Portland, Oregon’s UADA headline with support from Manitou Spring, Colorado’s Helleborus and Vancouver’s Wormwitch. Norilsk (Gatineu), Cell (Winnipeg), Holocaust Lord (Victoria), Nachtterror (Regina), Dethgod (Calgary), Ye Goat-Herd Gods (Calgary) and Hunted by Ravens (Red Deer) will bring a mix of black, death, and doom to set that night’s tone.

Sunday morning will not feature bands performing, but rather bands eating. Sunday is The Mourning After, the VIP exclusive breakfast with the bands.

Tickets are available for Friday night, Saturday night, both nights, and the VIP which is both nights and The Mourning After. They can be bought online through Crown of Viserys (no service fee), YEGLive (service fees apply), Annihilatrix Productions in Calgary, and Desecrate Promotions in Regina.