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News: Gloomed Debut Initial Offering Demo

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Gloomed - Initial Offering

From San Diego, California comes Gloomed, the new three-piece that features Wayne Sarantopoulos (ex-Ghoulgotha, Father Befouled, Encoffination, Decrepitaph, a million more…). Gloomed is not the death metal mastery you may somewhat expect, but rather a traditional doom band in the vein of Pentagram, Saint Vitus, and Black Sabbath. And they are amazing, as evidenced on their first demo, cleverly titled Initial Offering.

From Wayne, via Facebook:

I’d like to formally announce the release of the first demo by my new main band, Gloomed. […]┬áIt’s three songs in about 33 minutes. Recorded on March 5th, 2017 at Trench Studios and mixed by Patrick Bruss.

This is some Traditional Doom that I’ve wanted to play for a long time and I finally found the chance to do it. It’s traditional in some ways and a bit strange in some other ways. This is also the first time I’ve gotten to do something with all clean vocals (I’m not singing) and somewhat of a more standard guitar tuning.


Also, we’re looking for a drummer in the San Diego area. I played drums AND guitar on this demo, but I’m looking to go back to just playing guitar and having the ability to play shows. If you know someone interested, pass along this link to them.

One more thing: Since I know it will be asked, Ghoulgotha is no more. Our drummer Charlie Koryn moved away last summer, and he was just as much a part of the sound of the band as my oddball riffing style, so I decided to end it on a high note rather than try to find another drummer that wouldn’t sound the same and change the whole dynamic of the band. Ghoulgotha wasn’t a band you could do long distance or without 100% commitment, so I decided to move on.


Needless to say, I’m pretty hooked on this band. Demo of the year contender? I’d say so. Have a listen and tell me your thoughts on it.


Music Review: Darkest Era – Severance

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Darkest Era - Severance

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Cruz Del Sur

Ireland’s Darkest Era comes to me as a new thing, although they have been around since 2005 (as Nemesis, becoming Darkest Era in 2007). Severance very quickly became a bit of a hit with me through the lyric video for “Sorrow’s Boundless Realm”, an emotionally charged song that really resonated with me.

When given the chance to write this review, it honestly took awhile, and a lot of listens to the entire Severance album. Like “Sorrow’s Boundless Realm”, the whole album is full of strong emotion, mostly on the melancholy side of things, with traces of anger and frustration. This is conveyed not just in the lyrics and vocals, but in the music itself.

Executed by immaculate professionals, Severance is a musical tour de force, taking you from fist pumping to deep sadness within moments. They remind me of Iron Maiden, especially in the bass work of Daniel O’Toole, as well as newer Katatonia, Black Sabbath, fellow countrymen Primordial, and they occasionally delve into the doom worlds of My Dying Bride for brief stays. All of this is coated with a distinct folk metal feel, something that is not so much heard with your ears, but with your heart. Lyrically however, this is pure folk metal that only an Irishman could write.

Epic, heavy, and beautiful, Severance is a wonderful album to smoke in the rain to while drinking a neat whisky. If you’re a folk metal or dark metal fan, this is right up your alley. My favourite songs are “Boundless Realm of Sorrow”, “Scavanger”, and “Beyond the Grey Veil”, which at about the 4:30 mark goes into this sexy fast part that has a nice blackened/folk feel that really hearkens to Bathory.