Music Review: Horrid – Sacrilegious Fornication

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Horrid - Sacrilegious Fornication

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen

Italian oldschoolers Horrid are back with a brand new album, still gleaming wet from the infected womb of the Virgin. These guys have crafted a brutal slab of death metal that exceeds so many recent releases. Catchy, mid-paced to fast, and straight forward, this is mandatory listening for fans of Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death, Entombed, Autopsy, Gorefest, and their fellow countrymen in Faust.

Opening the album with a prayer to Satan while a (sacrifice? participant?) woman moans her lust, the title track “Sacreligious Fornication” is a fast moving freight train of antichristian hate, followed by “Vortex of Primordial Chaos”, which sounds like its title: fast, swirling, and chaotic, but with a good amount of memorable melody that will keep it in your head long after listening to it.

“Necromancy” blasts away with dark magick, followed in suit by “Demonic Sadocarnage”, which also features a smattering of groove death that Jungle Rot fans would like.

“Blood on Satan’s Claw”, my favorite track of the album, is much more brutal in the vocal department and just rippingly fast. No less memorable as far as riffs go, its another track that will lodge itself securely in your hippocampus. It is as if they designed the song to be for destroying people in the mosh pit.

“The Fire of Impenitence” features dual vocalists, with Johan Johannson of Interment guesting. It’s anthemic and vicious, and my second favorite track.

“Diocletianic Persecution” starts off with a nice slow riff and a militaristic drum beat, then quickly picks up pace, and stays at mostly the same fast-ish mid-tempo throughout, where the second-last track, “Goddess of Heretical Perversity” starts fast and ends fast, with no bullshit in the way of headbanging.

I know I’m going to be coming back to this album a lot over the next while, and if I was a list-making man (I am a list-making man) this will probably be a contender for my top of the year. This is one disgustingly and beautifully blasphemous album, and needs to be in the hands of everyone who loves their death metal executed with individual style and loaded with hate.