News: Swedish Black Metal Legends Domgård Announce Third Album “Ödelagt”

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Domgård - Ödelagt

Legendary Swedish black metal group Domgård are set to release their highly anticipated third album Ödelagt on Carnal Records. Five long years since the release of sophomore album Myrkviðr, the Gothenburg band has returned with 12 tracks of fierce black metal in the finest Swedish tradition with a thematic focus on the dark and enlightening aspects of Germanic mythology, magic and custom. Listen to the title track below:

Domgård was founded in 1997 by Vindkall, Orm & Trollheim. The following years Ulv joined as a drummer and Illbrand as a vocalist. Some unofficial rehearsal demos were recorded. In 2000 three of four members were imprisoned for several years. Four years later Vindkall and Ulv recorded the demo Blodskald before Vindkall continued on his own until 2008 when the drummer Hrimner and the bass player Hraegelmir (Panphage) joined. In 2009 Domgård recorded five tracks for a split with Cursed 13 which was released on the winter solstice the same year. The following year Heljarmadr (Cursed 13, Grá, Dark Funeral) joined the trio and contributed on two full length albums, I Nifelhels Skygd (2010) and Myrkviðr (2012). Askr joined as the new bass player in 2013 and Mardröm as a second guitarist in 2014.

Ödelagt Tracklisting:
1. Niþanvarþa
2. Svartdjupets Lockelse
3. Töckenhöljt
4. I Geirröds Hall
5. Aldar Røkkr
6. Kynjagaldr
7. Ödelagt
8. Lögr Óðreris – Urblodets Trollmakt
9. Grottkvinnans Hemlighet
10. Sejdmannens Förbannelse
11. Förgånget
12. Ødhe Vi

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Video: News Bit 002 – Ordoxe, Royal Thunder, Casket Huffer, and More

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Here is the second episode of the Crown of Viserys News Bit. In it I talk about some of the upcoming albums in April as well as the upcoming shows from Crown of Viserys that happen in April.

If you’re liking what you see with the news bit, let me know, and if you are in a band that would like to be featured in the news bit, also let me know.

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Music Review: Asylium – Global Decomposition

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Asylium - Global Decomposition

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Necrotic Records

Asylium are not your usual Swedeath. They sound, to me, like a really excellent mixture of Swedish melodic and American brutal death metal styles. Tons of melody in the riffs that actually get stuck in your head, but with aggression that at times seems inhumane to the ears. The whole proceeding feels like an old school album with a bit of a new school sound.

Instrumentally speaking, this album is extremely well played and production wise it is very clean and clear. Not only are the guitars and bass somewhat on the technical side, but each element can be heard individually. You can choose to just pay attention to the drums or bass if you want, which far too many death metal bands don’t have. They are all about the brutal guitars and snare, but not Asylium. A couple of the songs even feature samples!

I should note on the drums, Joel Axelsson really rocks the kit. He is very precise sounding, and fast as fuck when he wants to blast. The opening to “Darkness Portrait”, which is a fairly fast song in general, is a perfect example of this. He also happens to be the lyricist, and main co-writer with the guitarist, Fredrik, which is probably why everything is so tight with this band, even at extreme speeds.

I’m fairly sure hardcore death metal fans would like this album, and even casual fans will find something inside it that they like. It’s not the most original album, but that doesn’t matter when it is done this well. Check out Asylium and hear for yourself.